Built to Last

An Ecofusion Flooring is an investment in a lifetime of enjoyment. We take the trouble to source the best quality of materials and floorboards, and all our Bamboo and Timber Floorboards are manufactured by 100% European owned manufacturing plants.

The Craftmanship Ethos

At Ecofusion Flooring, we combine the best of european technology with excellent craftmanship. Our world patented saw cutting pattern, for example, is cut by hand to achive that famous look. The men and women who work at Ecofusion Flooring take pride in their craft skills. Our craftmen and craftwomen believes that we will only supply and install for our clients what we will do for ourselves.

A Lifetime of Service

When an Ecofusion floor is handed over to the owner, they also receive a warranty that is key to a lifetime of service and support. Ecofusion retains every details of its floors so that any additions the owner may require as their needs change can be best matched.